The Agrifocus African Markets Magazine is the premier source of all agricultural activities, innovations, developments, latest trends in South Africa and the SADC region. It acts as a buyers’ guide for prospective importers of agriculture equipment, produce, products and services. The Agrifocus African Markets magazine is a quarterly trade publication which covers a variety of sectors in the agriculture industry .


Fresh produce, Packaging machinery, Equipment, Material suppliers, Manufacturers, contractors, Exports & imports, dairy & poultry industry, chemicals,G Infrastructure development,Post—harvest management, G Market analysis,Country profile & cold chains s Technology, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Game Farming, Irrigation.

Each issue provides a detailed list of upcoming events for easy reference and this publication is an essential source of information (or those involved in the African agriculture industry.

PRINT RUN : 28,500 copies per Issue

Angola (750 copies), Zambia (1200 copies), Botswana (450 copies), Congo DRC (750 copies), Ethiopia (700 copies) Libya (200 copies) Mozambique (500 copies), Zimbabwe (950 copies), Angola (650 copies). Mali (300 copies), Malawi(350 copies), Tanzania (550 copies),Kenya (900 copies), Uganda (370 copies), Rwanda ( 100 copies), Burundi (110 copies) Nigeria ( 750 copies), Ghana ( 400 copies), Namibia (300 copies) South Africa (720 copies) Others (1500 copies).


Organisations offering Capital and Financial and Agriculture Training,Banks, NGO’s, Government Development institutions, Universities, Private equity firms, Large and small scale Qualified Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, producers, dealers, Event Organizers, Consumers, Respective representative bodies of Zambia, South Africa and the African Continent.

The Agrifocus African Markets Magazine Has over 39, 034 Readers per issue throughout the African continent. With The largest Distribution Network Through Corporate  Subscription on the African continent.


local and International Agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, dairy, poultry, floriculture,landscape,Nursery, Logistics, Farming, Cold chain industry related Exhibitions, Trade,conferences, display shows across Africa.

Destribution at 23,800 copies to qualified farmers, Decision makers, Distributors, through organizations, courier partners, retail partners, business to business Publication 2, 300 copiers,complimented by online downloads of 2345 per issue.


The Agrifocus African Markets Magazine is a guaranteed medium for brand building, helping Businesses attract top buyers and investors.


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