AgriFocus Magazine
The Agrifocus african markets Magazine is the premier source of all agricultural activities, innovations, developments, latest trends in South Africa and the SADC region. It acts as a buyers’ guide for prospective importers of agriculture equipment, produce, products and services. The Agrifocus african markets magazine is a quarterly trade publication which covers a variety of sectors in the agriculture industry .

Organizations and Companies that offer access to Financial capital and agricultural training. Among them are banks, NGOs, government development institutions & universities, and private equity firms.
Qualified farmers both large and small scale, manufactures, suppliers, dealers, producers and contractors, plus their representative bodies and distributors in South Africa and throughout African continent.
Farm managers, foreman, supervisors, engineers, buying/procurement head of departments. Agrifocus African Markets magazine has over 28,000 readers per issue across the African continent, with the largest distribution through corporate subscription on the SADC region.